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Partner Details :
Title: Partner
Genre: Law, romance
Episodes: 16
Director: Hwang Eui Kyung (Mr. Goodbye, Wedding), Kim Won Suk
Screenwriter: Jo Jung Joo, Yoo Mi Kyung (Hometown of Legends)
Broadcast Network: KBS2, Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
Broadcast period: 2009-Jun-24

Partner Synopsis, Story, synopsis, and preview
“Who is your partner?” When you take a look at the definition of ‘Partner’, it gives you synonyms such as colleague, sharer, spouse, and accomplice. Partner is a person who is strongly associated with me; the one who knows me very well and stays by my side. The word ‘Partner’ takes a different meaning when it is used in law firm. Partners are the people who survived from the power struggle. They are executives who are on the top of the law firm pyramid. Enterprises are law firm’s partners. Law firms fight each other to become a partner of business. They struggle to be close to power and to become a slave of money. There are some lawyers who want be the partners of commoners as well. They are willing to be the spokesperson for the underprivileged. It is a story about partner; the one who is going to stay by your side and fight together in front of law.

Kang Eun Ho is an attorney at a law firm. She partnered with Lee Tae Jo, a snobby, arrogant, sardonic lawyer.
The two clash in everything as they work together.
Lee Young Woo is a strict and serious lawyer who wins all of his cases and Han Jung Won is a femme fatale lawyer.
Kim Dong Wook will play as a young man from a wealthy family who works as a fresh lawyer in the same firm as Kang Eun Ho and Lee Tae Jo. He will have a relationship with an fellow older woman colleague played by Shin Yi.

Credit : KBS World

Partner casting and starring :
Main Cast
Kim Hyun Joo as Kang Eun Ho
Lee Dong Wook as Lee Tae Jo
Choi Chul Ho as Lee Young Woo
Lee Ha Nui or Honey Lee as Han Jung Won

Supporting Cast

Kim Dong Wook
Shin Yi
Park Chul Min
Lee Won Jong
Lee Jung Gil
Song Jae Ho
Ahn Suk Hwan

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